Client Testimonials

"Several years ago, I purchased a large home (3,300 sq feet) and wanted to fully furnish the unit in a tasteful manner that fit my tastes, and Laura quickly grasped what kind of “look” I was interested in. Despite living 2 time zones away from her, we fairly quickly furnished the entire place. What I like most about working with Laura is she takes the initiative; she made several suggestions about things I was not inclined to want to do at first; but in the end, I was delighted. On the very rare occasion when something did not turn out the way I hoped (meaning once I got a piece in it did not look as good as I thought it would) it was very easy to work with her to make adjustments. Laura is able to combine two skills that usually do not co-exist in one person – creativity and organization. She kept on top of everything, and I totally trusted her with not only setting up my home, but also helping me manage it from a distance once it was fully furnished. I am thrilled with the results and would not hesitate to recommend her."

Mike Hersh
Atlanta, GA

"We couldn't have had a better experience working with Laura and I have to say we created the most beautiful bedding ever! Thanks Laura for making our oasis such an amazingly beautiful place!"

Jason and Carrie Leonard
Norman, OK

"Last year, when we decided to update our corporate headquarters, we contacted Laura. We had two challenges – to reconfigure the space to be functional for the different departments that would be sharing the building, and to update the décor in a way that would be pleasing to both employees and customers. Laura was able to create a design that met both objectives, and we are thrilled with the results. We are especially pleased with the new look she created for our customer reception and retail area, including beautiful display areas for our products and services. The rich furnishings and earth tones Laura chose for us are warm and inviting, and are sure to be enjoyed by all who enter the building. We loved working with Laura, and found peace of mind – being guided by her expertise throughout the process.

Donna Van Allen
Clearwater, KS

"Laura was able to come into my home and easily zero in on the predominant shades of color to help me choose three colors which work together perfectly in my open floor plan living space. The colors chosen set the mood that I was striving for in the area."

Sandy McNamara
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Laura is delightful. She has great ideas, is organized, and pro-active. I thoroughly enjoy working with her."

Susan Lawhon
Houston, Texas